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Living With Mental Health Challenges

The Champagne Project

The Uncomfortable Silence

Our Story

On May 24, 2021 Mark lost the mother to his son Quinton after a long battle with dementia. Quinton and Mark dealt with a very difficult and very real disease that turned their world upside down. Quinton experienced depression and suicidal ideations at a young age, and his father Mark struggled with the task of taking care of his sick wife. Together they were able to work through this difficult life challenge and grow from it. They now want to use their experiences and hardships to try and inspire others to talk about theirs. They hope that by sharing what they have learned together and individually they can make an impact on the ongoing mental health challenge. 


More  About  Quinton  and  Mark

About Quinton

Quinton is a twenty year old college student at Bridgewater State University where he plays basketball and majors in business. Quinton deals with anxiety in his daily life, and has overcome depression and suicidal thoughts. The passing of his mother has taught him how challenging and precious life can be. He hopes that by sharing his story and battles with mental health he can help kids that may experience similar challenges. "Everybody is dealing with challenges in their daily life, the more we can talk about them the more that we will realize that we are never alone in our suffering"-Quinton


About Mark

Mark is a sixty-six year old graduate of the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. He has been the sole proprietor of his painting company since he was sixteen. Mark has been coaching youth sports for forty five years, dealing with all different levels and ages. Cindie, Quinton's mom and Mark's wife, battled dementia for 10 years beginning when she was only forty-three. Learning to be a caregiver did not come easy, and the sadness of watching a beautiful and extremely intelligent woman become sick tested Mark daily. Hoping to share this story and its challenges from the view of a husband, father, and a patient advocate would hopefully help others to not say "I wish I knew then what I know now". 

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